Monday, 22 July 2013

Eating Out in Barcelona (Part 2): Costa Gallega Moncho's

I had a long evening nap in the hotel on Day 1 due to all day of travelling and walking. So it wasn't until almost 9pm that we left our room for dinner. We weren't sure of where to go but spotted a group of people from our hotel walking towards a certain direction and we followed behind closely. Finally we settled for a restaurant nearby as we didn't actually know where they were going. lol!  

We spotted this restaurant which looked kinda posh. By the time we placed our order it was already 9.30pm (I have to admit...I timed everything!).

Since the sight of ham can be spotted been all over Barcelona, it is only fair that we try this delicacy at least once. So we settled for this Melon con Jamon (€19.00) which was basically ham with melon. I imagined that this dish would be the ones we normally get from Italian restaurants where chunks of melons were wrapped in paper thin Parma ham. How wrong I was. The Spanish ham was more chewy and came in bite size chunks. The sweet and refreshing melon complemented the salty ham very well.

After about 1/2 hour wait, our Arroz Negro (€32.00), translated as squid ink rice finally arrived. This dish is cooked in a similar manner as paella.

The rice dish consists of squids, prawns, mussels, capsicum as well as other unidentified ingredients. I preferred the paella dish from lunch better as there wasn't much seafood in this dish, although my parents chose to disagree as they preferred this version of rice dish better.

Our total bill came up to €54.75 for a pax of 3 small eaters, inclusive of a bottle of 1 Litre still water (€3.75). Overall rating: 3.5/5

Here's the address:
Costa Gallega Moncho's
Passeig de Gracia 71
08008 Barcelona.

Tel.: 93 215 31 41


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